Overview of Intensives

Process Intensive

The Process Intensive is designed, through daily writing assignments and one-on-one feedback with your teacher, to help you fully separate your conceptual from your intuitive and achieve consistent strength and clarity in your writing. While the work will be rooted in your foundational knowledge of conflict, we'll be teaching crucial new skills and tools that will help you test, modify and train your process to achieve your strongest work. You've learned in the introductory workshops what the professional standard looks like. Now, in this class, we get down in the trenches with you and your process to help you fully achieve it.

Structure Intensive

The Structure Intensive is open to students who have successfully completed the Process Intensive. In this class, we build off your foundational process and negation conflict skills to tackle three new conceptual tools: mutually proactive conflict, question tool, and bad news. Here, you put your pre-writing, writing, and re-writing skills to the test as you begin to master essential new structural concepts.

This class is designed so that students focus on mastering one tool per session.

Sequence Intensive

The Sequence Intensive is open to students who have successfully completed all three tools in the Structure Intensive. 

The focus of this class is to practice scaling our skills and tools up to a larger level and in doing so learn how to tell deeper and more resonant stories. The work will culminate in learning and practicing perhaps the most important tool – The North Star, which is the last conceptual step to finally telling the stories that we want to tell.

Intuitive Intensive

This intensive is open to students at any point in their intensives journey, and is geared toward writers who want to get past their inner critics and creative blocks to consistently access their most potent writing. Participants will learn tools to explore from an unfiltered space, find your authentic voice, strengthen your imagination, and discover memorable characters and dialogue. Our goal is to create a supportive writing practice that is sustainable – not grounded in self-flagellation, guilt, or anxiety. Writing is hard, but it shouldn't be painful.

Story Intensive

This class mirrors a real world coaching intensive and focuses on putting all your skills together for a real world short project. Here, you will implement new conceptual tools, including story engines, as well as intuitive exercises geared toward premise & character generation and story development.

Pilot and Feature Development

Real World Work!

Here, students synthesize their conceptual and intuitive skills to develop a real world pilot or feature. Over the course of the intensive, you will shape and refine your overall story structure and scene-level tools; story engine(s); and north star & experience map – all in service of delivering on your story premise. Through conceptual drillings, intuitive exploration, and peer & teacher feedback, you will work toward emerging from the class with a pilot or feature map ready to take to script. Note: admission to this intensive is dependent upon a formalized application process.